When you hire Rag-N-Bone,

you're not just looking to "fit in" with the crowd.

We're pro's. We don't do normal.
What you can expect:

Good work. On time. No drama. Real weird.
Rag-N-Bone designs images and stories for all kinds of people and companies. Whether it's an illustration for a book, design for a video, or a personal commission, I'd be thrilled to create something just for you. I also sell licenses to use existing images.
As a small business owner, I work as a contractor. Unless you are inquiring about a longer-term job offer or small art commission, I work using contracts for each project. Contracts make sure that everyone knows what to expect, including the scope of work, fees, and deadlines.
Are you ready to stand out? Great! Let's get started.

1. Tell me more about your project.
Please answer these questions in your inquiry:
1. What kind of image will you need?
2. What are your goals or the goals of your company?
3. How many designs will you need?

4. When will you need them?
5. Who/what will be using this image? For what purpose?

6. How long will you need to use this image?
7. Who is your target audience?
8. What is unique about your business/brand/product?
9. What do you want to communicate to your audience?

2. We chat and figure out how to suit your needs. Then, I'll draft a contract reviewing what we discussed.
3. You'll sign the contract and submit a deposit to secure your order. Most of the time, the deposit is half of the total design fee.
4. Boom! Let's make your dreams come true.

I'll make the designs and my share progress with you. When you work with Rag-N-Bone, you become part of the design team. Artists don't create in a vacuum. We rely on feedback from our team, clients and support network to reach a common goal of delivering great, unique work on time without any drama.
Hire Rag-N-Bone today
Thank you!

Want to join the team?
Rag-N-Bone is always looking for new collaborators to join the fun. Please drop us a line and submit your portfolio & resume to the address above. When it's time to turn pro, sometimes we need a helping hand. We are always balancing self-directed projects with client assignments, so show us what you do and we might be able to use your gifts.
In general, here are some talents work well with our team:
Production assistants & coordinators, office management/accounting, designers, typography wizards, social media mavens, writers, animators, web and game designers, people who like to pet dogs a lot
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